Careers in Roofing

Why You Should Consider a Career in Roofing

  • Roofing is one of the most recession resilient trades!
  • Roofs must be replaced or repaired regardless of the economy.
  • Roofers can work year round, even in winter months.
  • Roofers can work nationally and overseas.
  • Math skills are not a necessity, as in many other building trades.
  • New advances in roof technology have reduced physical requirement with mechanical tools.
  • Roofers typically work Monday through Friday. In the busy months Saturday’s are used for a makeup
  • The views are fantastic from the roof! Every roofer has a corner office with a view!

If You’re not a Union Roofer – Consider Becoming One

  • Pension: Workers can currently retire in their mid 50’s, providing they have 30 years of service.
  • Excellent health insurance; including vision and dental.
  • Advancement opportunities: roofers, estimators, drivers, yard workers, mechanic and service positions.
  • Journeyman roofers earn about $34 per hour.
  • The apprentice school is free. Classes are held in the evenings.
  • Roofers can freely move between contractors who have work.
  • Roofers are paid/reimbursed for travel outside of the tr-county area.


  • Roofers must have transportation.
  • Roofers must be able to pass a drug screening test.
  • Roofers must be at least 18 years old.