Southeastern Michigan Roofing Contractors Association
Roofers Union Local #149


The men and women of Roofers Local 149, along with our Signatory Contractors,
have become one of the most respected roofing partnerships in the country.  
We've accomplished this by working together.  These Detroit- based teams are
proud that our craftsmanship can be seen in almost every state, five countries, and
three continents!  You read that correctly!  Our highly skilled members and
contractors are in demand not only by commercial, industrial, educational,
governmental, and health care facilities here in the greater Detroit area, but in
other parts of the world as well.

In the year 2000, we, the men and women of Roofers Local 149, and our Signatory
Contractors, successfully implemented "Labor Management Committees" to
facilitate relationships.  We feel, and we believe our customers would agree, that
the outcome of these committees has generated a stronger, more cohesive
group.  Our projects run smoother, safer, and more effectively.  And the result is a
better experience for everyone involved.

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Roofers Union Local 149